Step 1

silencer shopping cartChoose your Silencer
Pay for it over the phone or online.



Step 2

silencer paperworkComplete the forms
The paperwork is simple, and we will help you with it.

Step 3

wait for ATF approvalWait for Approval
Once the AT
F approves the transfer,the Silencer is yours.

Thinking about buying a silencer?  Then you must see this!  MythBusters compares the blast of a pistol without a silencer to that of one with a silencer (both 9mm and 45 caliber pistols).  

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Silencers Are Legal

Silencers are legalDid you know that in most states, owning a silencer (suppressor) is perfectly legal?  Hollywood may have portrayed these as tools of an assassin; however, they are far from that and extremely beneficial to the average shooter.  Once you've shot with one, you'll wonder how you got along without it.   Click the brochure on the left to learn moreDownload the PDF on the left. 


Still have questions?  Check out Advanced Armament Corp.'s Can U.Can University
Their website if filled with information about Silencers in general as well as their products in particular.
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What We Do

Carolina Silencer focuses on helping normal people obtain silencers for their own personal use.  You do not have to be military or law enforcement to own a silencer.  Essentially, if you can legally buy a handgun, you can buy and own a silencer.   The process is simple and we will stay with you until it is complete and you have your silencer in hand.   Waiting for the ATF to approve the form 4 is the hardest part. When the ATF does respond, we will call you and let you know your new toy is ready.  Still not sure where to start?  Send us an email