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ATF Issues Ruling on 41P and Gun Trusts

Its finally here!  However, its not good, but it is also not as bad as it could have been.  After a couple of years and a lot of anticipation the ATF has finally issued a ruling on ATF 41P which now requires fingerprints, photo IDs, and background checks for essentially everyone listed on the trust.  Technically, the requirement only exists for “responsible persons;” however, a responsible person is defined as anyone in the trust who can possess the silencer (or any other item in the trust). Recall, that initially the threat was that 41P was going to require the sheriff to sign off on every application for an NFA item.  What was concerning about this is that, believe it or not, some sheriffs refuse to sign the application, and there was no way to force them to do so.  Effectively, this legislation would have prohibited people in those jurisdictions from obtaining silencers. The good news is that the current legislation does not require a CLEO signature, and does not eliminate the use of trusts – either those currently in existence or new ones to be formed.  So it appears that at least for the next 180 days, we will still be able to submit the trusts the old way, but after that, the burden upon us, and on the ATF will increase significantly with a significant amount of new paperwork that will need to be completed.  The ATF itself also expects the ATF processing times to double. We will stay on top of the rule changes as best we can.  For now, we can still assist you in setting up your NFA trust to purchase silencers and other NFA items.  We use only SC licensed attorneys to do so. Send us an email  if you would like more information. More to follow. Jeff Owner Carolina Silencer


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Carolina Silencer focuses on helping normal people obtain silencers for their own personal use.  You do not have to be military or law enforcement to own a silencer.  Essentially, if you can legally buy a handgun, you can buy and own a silencer.   The process is simple and we will stay with you until it is complete and you have your silencer in hand.   Waiting for the ATF to approve the form 4 is the hardest part. When the ATF does respond, we will call you and let you know your new toy is ready.  Still not sure where to start?

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